Psychology, education and practice-based inquiry

Dr Jean Annan is accredited by the New Zealand Ministry of Education as a Professional Learning and Development provider.

  • Psychology for teachers and school leaders: Brain-based learning and leading.  

Three professional development workshops cover core understandings about learning and development based on the most recent neuroscience research. Workshops are designed for teachers and/or school leaders who support the learning and well-being of children.

Professional development packages for schools can be extended by negotiation with school staff members to include in-depth work with small groups of teachers who are supporting the learning of young people who have experienced trauma or adverse circumstances or present with challenging behaviours.

  • Psychology for teachers:  Narrative psychology in the school.

A series of three workshops is available for teachers and school leaders about the principles of narrative psychology. Narrative psychology is based on the premise that people live their lives in the stories that they and others hold about them. It presumes that people’s actions are largely consistent with these narratives. Recent neuroscience research findings have strongly supported narrative psychology and its positive, re-storying approach to supporting young people. Teachers and school leaders can have a major and positive influence on the way that students construct their self-stories about their place and roles in relating to one another and learning. Participants will learn about using narrative approaches in their work with children and integrating them into their everyday interactions.

  • Facilitation of practice-based research

Facilitation includes working alongside leaders and teachers at pivotal points of projects in schools or groups of schools. The support of experienced outside facilitation can help the collective inquiries progress systematically leaving leaders and other participants free to innovate new practices, foster active professional relationships and support implementation of new developments. Pivotal points arise as people conceptualise projects, prepare proposals for funding, establish practice-based inquiry communities, collectively analyse data and write project reports (e.g. Teacher Led Innovation Funded projects or inquiries within Communities of Learning). Various models of practice-based research and inquiry are available to ensure a good fit for each particular project context.

  • Facilitation of communities of practice

Coaching and support is provided to leaders and organisations wishing to initiate knowledge networks. Communities of practice support sustainable systems of professional development, strong professional relationships and shared activity. They comprise groups of people who share common interests (e.g. the care of young people in challenging circumstances, the teaching and learning of writing, science in schools).  Typically, communities are diverse but are bound together by their common interest. This mix of diversity and commonality provides the energy for communities to create new ideas and consequently new practices. Furthermore, it simultaneously strengthens the professional connections among participants from various disciplines, schools or agencies. Often communities begin with small interest groups, a process that benefits from facilitation, but once established, communities of practice can be extended and become self-sustaining.


  • Van Asch Deaf Education Centre Learning and Change Network
  • Maungaraki Teacher-led Innovation Fund project
  • Waikowhai Teacher-led Innovation Fund project
  • Ministry of Social Development – Children’s Action Plan/CTs
  • Ministry of Education – Expert Partner for Kāhui Ako/Communities of Learning
    • Onerora Kāhui Ako
    • Pupuke Kāhui Ako
    • South Eastern Faith Based Kāhui Ako
    • Huntly Kāhui Ako
    • Nga Awa ki te Moana Kāhui Ako
    • Ruahine Kāhui Ako
    • Te Angi Angi Kāhui Ako
    • Masterton Kāhui Ako
    • South Wairarapa
    • Lower Hutt Faith Based Kāhui Ako
    • Golden Bay Kāhui Ako
    • Lower Mataura Valley Kāhui Ako