Director, Positively Psychology

Dr Jean Annan is a registered psychologist who works with teachers, leaders, family and whānau and organisations that support the learning and wellbeing of children. She is accredited by the New Zealand Ministry of Education as a Professional Learning and Development provider. Her work includes:

  • Workshops and Professional Learning: Bringing psychology knowledge to those who work with children through workshops and group and individual consultation. She supports teachers and family members to understand how healthy brain functioning and experience can support children’s wellbeing and their ability to learn.
  • Research Consultation: Adding value to shared projects with in-depth knowledge of practice-based research methods that are applicable in diverse, collaborative environments (e.g. Schools, Kāhui Ako/Communities of Learning)
  • Professional Support: Supporting psychologists, school leaders and teachers through professional coaching, mentoring and supervision.

Background of experience:

  • Psychology services in schools: Psychologist at Special Education Service
  • Educational psychology training: Senior lecturer/Coordinator of Educational Psychology Programme at Massey University
  • Research in education and psychology: Massey University, University of Auckland
  • Expert Partner/Facilitator for networks of schools: University of Auckland , Positively Psychology
  • Teaching and leadership: In New Zealand Schools


All affiliates working on Positively Psychology projects are registered psychologists and/or experienced and highly skilled educators.